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2-3 Week Prior Move

To prepare to move in to a new residence is a whole new experience for many. Moving in and out of your current home to a new house is brought up by certain issues, for example you might move to a new residence to be close to your job, insecurity is another issue as everyone what to live in a secure neighborhood.

Within a time frame of two to three weeks you be able to shop for a good house. You will consider a location that will greatly favor you. The number of rooms is also another consideration as you might move a house which will not accommodate all your belongings and hence you have to compare your previous house and your current find. Once you get the house, ensure in is in a good condition, the roof is in good shape and is not leaking, and inspect room after room checking the walls. Incase of any cracks; organize with your landlord how they are going to be repaired. The other important area to check is the bathrooms and the water closet are properly working but you do not want to forget water, gas and electricity connections.

Move to the backyard and make sure it is well prepared as the day draw closer, and at this point are contented with your new facility. Make the necessary payment arrangement if it is a rental house, pay all the rent and the deposits as you agree with your landlord. Once you clear it, the new house is now yours all what is remaining is to come in and occupy it.

Now come up with a good plan on how you are going to move your items to the new residence. You will need orderly packing of every item, your family belongings should also be well packed if at all they will be joining you to the new house. Packing should be done with a lot of care, take as much time as you can while packing to avoid damage and breakages of the fragile items in the house. Items should be packed in sizeable bags or boxes which should be clearly labeled with the detailed on what is packed. The label may be inform of adhesives which can stick well on the box or the bags so that when the movers come, they will be able to load each bag according to the directions on the sticker. The common wording for goods on transit includes, fragile goods handle them with care, do not load, load last and so on.

While packing it is in order to separate all items that you might not need, then the rest will be taken by the movers. Your valuables that include the monies, valuable jewels and personal documents, you will pack them separately and hand moves them yourself. Once you are packed, return every book and video tapes you may be owing to the library and then call your movers ready to hit the road to your new house.

You do not want any inconvenience at this point and hence before the big day comes, call your mover company and reconfirm that everything is in order. Make your deposit payment for the services, this may be done upon agreement with the company, some accept credit cards, cheques while some only accept cash upon delivery of your items. Let your plans flow and ensure there is no omission until you are safe and sound in your new home.

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